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Deborah Churchill Luster and Christine Churchill Elders have one mission at Churchill Brands:  to help good people with good ideas go out into the world and reach their potential. Our clients are comprised of forward thinking, innovative entrepreneurs whose CPG products are cool, trending, unique and positively impact the world.  Our motto is to work hard yet don’t take life too seriously, and we make sure each client we have works deliberately and thoughtfully, never spending time or money where it’s not needed.

A Deeper Look


Deborah Lester Deborah Luster

Co- Founder, Churchill Brands.  Deb has been Founder of multiple consumer product companies, two small publishing companies and has consulted dozens of growing companies, non-profits and social enterprises. She helped start and grow now $890 Million+ Annie’s Homegrown (all natural and organic food products), was President of the company from 1991-1997, and served on the board until 2000. While taking a break to have three kids, Deborah and her husband founded SWAK publishing and wrote their first book. In 2004 she and her sister Chris Elders created Can Do Kid, Inc. a company whose products are designed for children which include two books for children sold in Toys RUS, gift and book stores, and a line of all natural/organic nutrition/energy bars for kids that sold in over 5,000 stores across the country.  Deb also sits on four executive boards and many advisory boards for non and for-profit companies, teaches college classes and performs public speaking engagements. All of her companies and ventures work to create partnership with the communities they serve. She has been featured in the media including NBC, ABC and CBS news, View By The Bay, articles in Inc., Newsweek, Forbes, and the cover of Working Woman Magazine.


Christine Elders

Christine Elders

Co-Founder, Churchill Brands - Chris was the first Director of Sales for Annieʼs Homegrown in the 1990ʼs where she was tasked with bringing the infamous pasta products from their limited east coast distribution to major retailers in the west. She then branched off to start her own wholesale bakery and bread shop, Marin Baking Company out of San Rafael where she delivered hundreds of fresh baked goods to dozens of grocery stores and restaurants throughout the North Bay. In 2005 Chris joined her sister Deborah Luster as Co- Founder of Can Do Kid Inc., a company with a can-do philosophy that inspired kids of all ages through positive messaging in children’s books and a popular line of all-natural nutritional bars for kids. In the 10 years that Chris was at Can Do Kid, she and her sister were able to get the books into major outlets like ToysRUs and their nutritional bars into over 5000 stores throughout the country. In 2016 Deb and Chris chose to impart their wisdom of so many years in the natural food industry to other entrepreneurs, creating Churchill Brands, LLC. It is there that they enjoy consulting founders and CEOs in all aspects of growing their businesses and emerging brands.

Some of the amazing companies we’ve work with (past and present):

White Leaf Provisions:  www.whiteleafprovisions.com

YesCacao:  www.yescacao.com

The Zen Sweet Companywww.zensweet.com

Marlo’s Bake Shop:  www.marlosbakeshop.com

One Bar:  www.theonebar.com

Blue Evolution: www.blueevolution.com


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